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Many local and national organizations are doing their best to respond to the overall problem of homelessness by providing affordable or subsidized housing, but this strategy is, at best, a short term and partial solution. 

​THOR believes the way out of the homeless crisis and into long-term, more permanent and sustainable solutions rests in a strategy that incorporates a reduction in the housing cost burden. Life presents a brand new set of opportunities when the housing cost burden drops from an average of 40 to 50 percent down to 12 to 20 percent (i.e. leaves more discretionary income available for other living needs such as food, savings, education, child support, etc.). But to effect a change of this magnitude, the profit-margin element must be minimized, or become the lesser ambition. As a non-profit, THOR’s focus is on replication and sustainability. 

​Our strategy works by using cash and avoiding loans to construct, or reconstruct, homes so that by completion the residence is paid for, relieving both builder and resident from bondage to a lender. However, to construct a debt-free residence requires upfront, loan-free money, which is why our current construction on The House of Redemption did not commence until sufficient capital was raised to cover greater than the proposed construction costs and contingency funds.

While the funding for the current home under construction is secured and being disbursed according to the construction timetable, the development of future homes is needs people like you to give. Click here to donate, and we thank you for your support.  

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